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Objective & Mission

This is a meeting place for like minded people who are interested in spiritual development, in particular, the development of the mind.

The Buddha discovered through extensive internalized investigation that mind is the center of everything. Prerequisite to any investigation of the mind, it requires the investigator to be well established in reality. When developed the mind is capable of many things.

The Buddha provided the required teachings and the guidance for anyone wishing to take this task of mind development.

The Inter-Community Buddhist Center is a place and a community to exchange ideas and learn the teachings of the Buddha for those who would like to embark on this journey of mind development.

The development of the mind would allow one to see through the fog called ‘ignorance’ and develop a very sound attitude for day to day living thus sowing the seeds of harmonious living in any community where there always be divergent opinions, attitudes and views.

Resident Monks

Venerable Dr. Walasmulle Sirisumana Thero  

Chief Incumbent
Venerable Pandith ven Huruluwewe Chandrawansa Thero  

BA in Buddhist Philosophy
Yoga Instructor
Dhamma Discussion Facilitator
Spiritual Leader

The resident monks offer instruction in Buddhist philosophy and meditation and are available as speakers to educational and religious institutions.  The Vihara welcomes Buddhists of all traditions, friends of Buddhism and visitors. 

Board of Directors

President: Sirisumana Walasmullage Thero

Secretary: Chakssuni Tennakoon

Treasurer: Gamini Tennakoon

Director: Henry Fernando

Director: Bith Kim Muk

Director: Huruluwewe Chandrawansa

Director:Siriyawathi Hettiarachchi

Director: Samith Perera

Director: Asoka Peris

The focus of Buddhism is the mind of human beings.  Buddhism is a way of life based on the training of the mind.   Its ultimate aim is to show the way to complete liberation from suffering by the attainment of the Unconditioned, a state beyond the range of the normal untrained mind.  Its immediate aim is to strike at the roots of suffering in everyday life.

What We Do

Today, many of us tend to have a very self-centered approach.  Partly this attitude is necessary for the shear survival in these economically hard times.  This is very evident on the road, at the work place, in the community at large, in the political landscape and even globally between countries.  If you look closely most of the problems we experience, much of the stress we encounter stem from this attitude of ours.  Self-centered attitude always leads to conflicts of interests.  Be it between the spouses, parents and children, colleagues in the work places, competitive arenas, no matter where this attitude leads to conflict of interests.

The solution is always within us. First of all we need to recognize that to a smaller or larger extent; to varying degrees we have this attitude.  Once we decide to accept it, confront and change it, we have many avenues open to us. We must also recognize that everyone can leave harmoniously in the community and survival does not necessarily require a self-centered attitude.
The Ottawa Buddhist Vihara offers various religious services to Buddhists and to those who seek knowledge of Buddhism.  The following are some of the services that the Template provides.  Please contact us to book an appointment or to find out more about our services.

What we offer:

•    Library of Books on Buddhism
•    Daily liturgical services and observation of the Precepts
•    Devotional chanting (pirith)
•    Leading meditation classes and retreats
•    Hospital Visits: visiting sick, handicapped and terminally ill people
•    Funeral and Memorial Services
•    Spiritual Counselling
•    Cultural/social services to both Buddhists and non-Buddhists in the Sri-Lankan community
•    Officiating at various ceremonies in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and area
•    Attending interfaith meetings and events in the Ottawa area
•    Teaching and giving Dhamma talks in Sinhala and in English
•    Leading Sunday school for children
•    Sinhala language classes

About Us

The Ottawa Buddhist Vihara offers various religious services to Buddhists and to those who seek knowledge of Buddhism.

Ottawa Inter-Community Buddhist Society Charitable #1589554

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