Rainy Retreat Invitation Ceremony

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Was Aradana Pinkama Program

4:00-7:00pm Observing Five Precepts and Gilanpasa Pooja
and Was Aradana Pirith Chanting (Buddhist Blessing Recital)

All are welcome

Location: Ottawa Buddhist Vihara, 2-115 Willow Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1R6W2
Contact: 613-565-0842

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Weekend Meditation Program

Blessings Everyday at 7.30pm

The focus is insight meditation also known as Vipassana meditation. Both experienced and non-experienced people are encouraged to attend

Annually; People from various communities get together on the full moon day of the month of May each year, under the auspices of the Vihara, to commemorate the three significant events in the life of the Buddha, namely, the birth, enlightenment and the passing away.


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