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Title: Senior Buddhist Priest & Religious Worker

Terms of Employment: 03 Year Contact

Negotiable Based on Experience

Anticipated Start Date:

Location:     Ottawa Inter Community Buddhist Society
                    2-115 Willow St, Ottawa, ON, K1R6W2, Canada

Some High School, Knowledge of Theravada Buddhist Teaching & Meditation Techniques.

Experience: Has to be a senior Theravada Buddhist Priest for at least 5 years.

Language: Speak English, Read English, Write English, Speak Singhala, Read Singhala, Write Singhala, and Read Phali Language(Ancient Buddhist Language to read original Buddhist text)

  • services and observation of the Precepts;
  • Officiating at various ceremonies at this temple, in Montreal, Toronto, etc.
  • Visiting sick, handicapped and terminal illness people
  • Conducting funeral services
  • Devotional chanting (Pirith)
  • Teaching and giving Dhamma talks in Sinhala and in English
  • Leading Sunday school for children;Leading meditation classes and retreats for children and adults
  • Rendering cultural/social services to both Buddhists and non-Buddhists in the Canadian Sri-Lankan community, i.e. counseling, maintaining a library, etc.
  • Attending interfaith meetings and events in the Ottawa area.

Asset Qualification:
One year experience with Ms Word, Ms Access, Ms Excel and PowerPoint

Successful candidate will be provided with a place to live, food, uniform, medical and travel expenses.

If Interested, please contact the president of the Temple at (613) 565 0842 or buddhistvihara@gmail.com

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Weekend Meditation Program

Blessings Everyday at 7.30pm

The focus is insight meditation also known as Vipassana meditation. Both experienced and non-experienced people are encouraged to attend

Annually; People from various communities get together on the full moon day of the month of May each year, under the auspices of the Vihara, to commemorate the three significant events in the life of the Buddha, namely, the birth, enlightenment and the passing away.


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